Thursday, March 15, 2012

Road trip...

Our family loves a good road trip, and this past weekend was no exception!

A friend of mine grew up in Walcha (northern NSW) and has talked many times about the famous Walcha Show, so we decided it was our turn to experience the fun! (more on the show later)

I wanted to share with you a little of Walcha and it's beauty.
Walcha is a small rural town of only about 2000 people and is not far from the bigger known town of Armidale. It is trying really hard to make itself beautiful, hip and a place where tourist will be drawn too. Its council had decided to make it "the town of wooden art". So everywhere in town there is art sculptures of wood, totum style poles/pillars holding up shop fronts and carved pieces everywhere. It's really quite amazing.

Walcha is a big motor bike tourist spot due to it's winding roads up through the mountains (the road is called thunderbolts way just to give you an idea), but is still very undiscovered to the main travelling folk.

There is a fruit shop, an IGA for your essentials, craft store (manned by the voluntary old ladies knitting in the corner of the room) 2 little coffee shops, but really that's about all.  Of course there is a pub, hospital, school (or 2) , post office etc, but if you were after a department store or the like, you would have to drive to Armidale.

The Apsley Falls are only a minutes drive away and were amazing. Nothing like a massive waterfall to humble you!

I think travelling in your own country, exploring places you've never heard of and stopping to experience our amazing wildlife is what life is about! I envy those who take time away from everyday life to escape and hit the road......oh one day!!!!
We absolutely loved Walcha and can't wait to be there again soon.

What have you discovered on your journeys?? What was your favourite road trip?

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  1. I wish my kids loved road trips as much as I do. They are not the best travellers.

    I've heard of Walcha before, although I can't think where. It seems to be a destination! x


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