Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birthday wishes

(appologies for length...but it was a speech!)

Christian was born first
to pathe the way
For Claudia to follow
and brighten each day

Along came Heathy,
This took us to three
And without dear little Elliot
Now where would we be

But this is the story
Of Naomi Grace Young
Who just yesterday
Turned 21!

You were born in this house
With the family around
Just sitting and waiting
For that little crying sound

You were petite and small
At only 6 pound 9
But both mum and dad
Thought you'd do just fine

With white fluffy hair
And lily white skin
I wasn't too sure
You were going to fit in

You see till this day
My world was happy
I was the only girl
Now there was one in a nappy

But then you grew up
And were so damn cute
And nothings much changed
Cause I still hear cars toot

You were happy and friendly
And gave everyone smiles
But leave the door open
And you'd wander for miles

Between burns and breaks
Before you were two
And walking in traffic
You really hadn't a clue

We'd play with your hair
And carry you round
Then dress you up
In whatever we found

It was now time for school
And as the youngest of 5
That teacher sure knew
That she was alive

At Willoughby Public
You had lots of fun
Making many new friends
And so did our mum

It was then onto Roseville
Where you were to follow
My awesome footprints
And cheer for 'team yellow'

You played tennis and rowing
And basketball too
You made it your mission
To see seasons through

You wanted some culture
It would do you no harm
So off you went travelling
Through China/Vietnam

You banded strong friendships
That will last through the years
Who together you'll laugh with
And cry many tears

You write with your left hand
Use your right to cut bread
"I can use any hand
I'm ambidextrous" you said

You've an eye for fashion
Creativity and style
Ironic really, that you leave
All your clothes in a pile

When it comes to boys
You never kiss and tell
But i thought we were sisters
Naomi, what the hell

You've a flare for design
That's clear to be seen
So now it's off to uni
To follow your dream

So here's where it ends
The story so far
I think you'd agree
She's already a star

So my wish for you
My dear only sister
Is that you stay true to yourself
And find a good Mr

Be conscious of others
Tread lightly on earth
And learn the true value
Of self confidence' worth

You're my friend, my sister
And babysitter in one
So cheers to you Omi
It's now time for fun........

Happy Birthday Naomi xx

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