Monday, March 12, 2012

Card holder

Am busy sewing and making for the school fair coming up this weekend.

These are card holders perfect for those little hands that just can't hold too many cards (and you know my families current obsession with Uno!) They are also handy for those bridge loving oldies whose hands may be affected by arthritis.
Thought I'd share with a little tutorial.

First you'll need: needle and thread, 2 old cd's, wadding, 2 buttons, fabric (old t'shirts make great fabric!)

Next you need to cut your fabric to be slightly larger than your discs and stitch around the outside of both fabric circles

Place your wadding (cut to disc size) in the center of your fabric with your disc on top, then simple pull one of the threads to gather the fabric around the disc. Tie threads in knot and repeat on 2nd disc.

Places together with right sides out and stitch together using bottons through the center of the discs.

Finished! Now you can repeat as many times as you need depending on how many card players you have in your house!
Teamed with a pack of Uno, these make the perfect gift for boys or girls.


  1. Hi thanks so much for stopping by my blog, ooh I love this idear my son loves playing uno every night before bed we have to have the best of 3 he loves it I shall have to make him one of these he always has problems especially when I drop the pick up 4 card (tee hee) mind you he always gets me & I have to pick up 8 hee enjoy uno! :)

  2. This is awesome!! I am going to try this out for sure. Thanks for sharing.


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