Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY Veggie Chips

Chips are a favourite in this house, and we're not even fussy about flavour. Salt and vinegar, chicken, corn, bbq their all good. If their crunchy, salty and put in front of us.....well they don't last long. Needless to say that is exactly why I don't buy them! 

However, making our own is ok....Right? At least I can decide what their made of and how much salt goes on them. 

To make the batch above, I simply cut into fine slices kumera, zucchini, beetroot and taro (using one of those fabulous dicer, slicer, chopper thingies!) sprayed them with a little spray oil and sprinkled with salt then placed them in the dehydrater for about 4 hours. 

By using the dehydrater I am able to retain all the nutrients of the vegetables, but if you don't have one of these you can easily place them in an oven on a low to medium heat and they will be just as yummy! 

Now we can chip away to our hearts content! 
Do you like chips? What's you favourite flavour? 


  1. i think i'm going to try to make these IN OUR CAR IN SUMMER. seriously, it works. it gets hot in there! yours look delicious. ps hello, sorry it's been so long!!!

  2. Oh yummo your chips look so good. I will have to invest in one of these one day, such a healthy snack to be able to make yourself and probably a lot cheaper than buying from the shops too.


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