Wednesday, June 5, 2013

25 ways.....

25 Ways to say "Well done!"

1. Amazing job! You should be very proud of that result
2. Congratulations, you got it right
3. Good remembering
4. I knew you could do it! Give yourself a pat on the back
5. I'm impressed, your a natural
6. I'm very proud of you - it takes a big person to say they are sorry
7. Now you rally have the hang of it - see, all your hard work is paying off
8. One more time and you'll have totally mastered it
9. That is the best you've ever done
10. That's the right way to do it.
11. Well done - you nailed it that time
12. You figured that out fast - I'm blown away
13. I can see you've been practising
14. You're doing beautifully - I appreciate the effort your putting in
15. You're just about there - keep at it
16. Wow! You are full of great ideas
17. Nicely handles, that was a tough situation but you coped well
18. Excellent, I can see you've really been thinking about this
19. I'm impressed at how you've stuck at it
20. I love your attitude - you're on your way
21. Thank you for just getting on with it
22. Hey! This needs to be on the news
23. I know it didn't work out but you kept your cool
24. You didn't make it this time but top marks for trying
25. Great stuff - your a star!

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