Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pineapple cutting.....

The other day a friend was over and noticed I had a pineapple sitting on the window sill.
"Oh I love pineapple, she says, but I never buy them cause I don't have a cutter"...... A What?

Long story short, for years she's passed the pineapples by at the fruit store because she thought you needed a special tool or cutter to be able to eat a pineapple. You know one that makes the pieces look like a donut, similar to the ones out of the cans. No, no, no.......

Well luckily for her, I was taught by a seasoned professional who knew the art of chopping a good pineapple, tool free (thanks mum!) and was happy to show her how! 

This is my method......

First you cut both ends off your pineapple 

Next you cut off the sides, little by little, keeping as close to the skin as possible ( don't worry about the little black bits left behind yet) 

Now you need to go around the pineapple removing the little black bits left behind. Do this by making little wedge cuts. This will ensure you leave as much pineapple behind to eat, and you'll make a pretty pattern too! 

Then you simply cut it into half, then half again and remove the hard centre core of the pineapple (the pointy triangle looking bit). You can eat this only I find it very bitter, so we save that for the juicer then next day.

Then it's just time to cut it into bite size pieces. 

Place it in an airtight container and keep in fridge.....makes the perfect afternoon tea! 

Yum! Hopefully now they'll be no passing it in the fruit store.
Do you like pineapple? How do you cut yours?
Have you avoided something cause you thought it was going to be hard? 


  1. I never seem to buy pineapple these days, one of those fruits that gets pushed to the side in favour for another. Pffft, clearly need to stop that :-)

  2. I have never actually know the correct way to cut a pineapple lol. So thank you - seriously love the stuff so I mean it - thank you! x


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