Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sharing grateful...


Last night during dinner, we went around and said one thing we were grateful for. It is something we do most nights, mainly to help me gage where ttheir at and whats on their minds. Funnily enough they pull me up when we haven't done it, and even our lovely neighbours kids are getting into it when they join us during the week. Do you do something similar?

Anyway, thought I'd share last nights funny responces. ........
Pip - "I'm most grateful for knowing you kids are all so well cared for by mum while I'm away"
Me - "I'm most grateful for my little sleep in this morning"
Bib (7) - "I'm most grateful for you taking us swimming today"
Stooge (5) - "I'm most grateful for my napkin, cause it just caught a blob of tomato sauce"
Rouge (2) - "I'm most grateful for my bubble water"

What's made you grateful this week??


  1. Love the napkin are so entertaining!

  2. We enjoy doing this each night at the dinner table too. I think it's good for them to focus on the good things in there day rather than the bad things that have happened. Today I'm grateful for the air conditioner that kept us cool and happy, it was a hot day out there. x


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