Monday, November 19, 2012

Easy flower bobble tutorial.....

Thought I'd share what Bib and I have been making to give to the girls in her class for Christmas this year.
They are easy, quick, bright and suitable for girls of ages.
1. Here's what you need:
 cotton, needle, bobble, felt and a button (the kind that shows no holes on top)

 2. Cut your felt pieces into little petal shapes and lay them together in piles. (If you are making a flower all the same colour or rainbow, then 5 petals works well, but we are alternating with 2 colours, so did 6 petals to keep it even)

3. Next you simply stitch the petals onto your cotton. Be sure to do the same stitch on each petal so they fold the same way once pulled together. For example, I always went down, up, down, up from the top of each petal.

4. Start to pull one side of the thread (be sure to hold the other side tight so they don't fall off!) to bring all the petals together.
5. Pull tight and secure with a knot or two. (Be sure to leave the thread strings long as this is what you will thread your button onto and secure your bobble to) See pictures below

And that's simple!
You can make these to colour match outfits, be in school colours (ours happen to be red/green) christmas themed or anything you like really.

Have you got an easy gift idea you can share??

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  1. Man. I wish I was in Bib's class. Too cute! Our class will be lucky to get a lolly bag!


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