Friday, November 16, 2012

Bout time!

I'm here to share my excitement! (if you can't brag on your own blog then where else can you!!)
Finally - after much too much faffing - I have my etsy store up and running again.
As many of you know I believe strongly in upcycling and making things out of whats at hand, so it's this concept that has had me sewing and creating and off to markets, selling my goodies.
Here's a little look......
I am forever being asked for 'my card' and unfortunately I still haven't finalised my logo so haven't got any, but happily, I'm now able to say "you can find me on etsy"!
There is so much more to put on there, and I promise it is coming, but wanted to share and get your thoughts..........


  1. Congrats on the shop! Love your recycled woolen capes. Gorgeous and so practical. I'm guessing they would be a little water resistant as well.

    I'm impressed you would choose carrots as your one veggie. I've never managed to grow carrots well. x t.

  2. Well done! Your things are so beautiful, what a clever gal you are xo

  3. Looks fab Claud. So glad you got this up and going. You are too clever to not be out in the big wide world! x

  4. Good on you it looks great. It must feel great to get it up and running. x

  5. Claudia your shop looks great. I love those woollen hoods, very cool...err warm.


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