Sunday, July 29, 2012

6 lessons learnt in one weekend!


This weekend saw me hopping on a plane solo and heading to Queensland.
Solo is not how I travel much these days! With 3 kids a hubby and a dog, there's usually someone keeping me company. So to head off solo was such a treat.
Lesson 1 - Time alone gives you the chance to step back and appreciate

It was my oldest friends wedding day and I wasn't going to miss it for the world. Not only are we in different states, but she lives about 7 hours west of Brisbane on a big property where they they run cattle, sheep, and grow wheat and chickpeas. So catching up is rather hard and it has been a long time coming......the catch up and the wedding he he
Lesson 2 - Old friendships are so special

We drank, we chatted (very loudly over the band!) we danced, we drank, we reminisced, we laughed, we drank, and we promised not to make it so long between hugs next time. Did I mention we drank??!!!
Lesson 3 - Farmers really know how to work hard and play hard

I also got the chance to spend some time with just my parents (they also flew in for the wedding). As the 2nd of 5, and now with 3 of my own there's not much chance to get both your parents to yourself. It was very special. We chilled, chatted, laughed, enjoyed the time together and I got spoilt!
Lesson 4 - My parents are the BEST

I then stupidly missed my flight home (I was 2 minutes late to check in apparently!) which meant calling my dear friends who had agreed to mind my girls till I arrived home, (Pip had a full day of sport with Stooge to attend) to say would you mind having them an extra 6 hours!!
Lesson 5 - I have amazing friends

Finally I'm back in Sydney. Pip comes and collects me from the airport. The kids have been collected, bathed and fed. The house is tidy, the washing done and then he cooks up a small dinner for us both
Lesson 6 - I love my husband more than words can say

Have you learnt any lessons of late?
Do you ever get solo time?


  1. What a great weekend you got to have, special in so many ways. It sounds like you are surrounded by lots of kind and supportive people, it's makes life great. I do get some solo time every so often, like when I did my camera course. I love getting it but it does feel strange too :)

    P. S. You actually won one of the gifts on my little giveaway too if you wanted to send an email with your address I'll get them into the mail for you:)

  2. What an awesome weekend and love the format in which you shared it... they are all great lessons learned. That sounds like the best kind of solo time too... as you mixed it with friends and family, lovely! xo


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