Friday, July 6, 2012

Old favourites

There's something about playdough that makes everyone come together. I place the supplies on the table and they act like a magnet.....all 3 coming to create and imagine.

I love playdough.
It's an old favourite.
I love how it feels, how you can turn it into anything you like, how you can create alone or with friends, how you can be 1 or 100 and get the same satisfaction and I love how it allows your imagination to go anywhere you let it.

Just don't do it on carpet is my only advice!

When was the last time you made playdough??
When was the last time you played with playdough?


  1. Playdough is awesome. I must make some - haven't done made it in ages, probably because we have carpet in every room except the kitchen...

  2. Playdough makes a regular appearance in our home. I nearly always have home made playdough sitting in our fridge. It's one play activity that i'm usually more than happy to join in.

    Thanks for sharing you nightime 'keeping warm' routine. It sounds lovely.

  3. My littles are obsessed with playdough at the moment, or 'flaydo' as they call it. We make our own. x

  4. Playdough is the best! We have been through many a tub in this place. But I agree, always on a surface that is easy to wipe down! Gorgeous, fun-filled photos xo


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