Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tough day

We have had a terrible and sad day.

Last week I lost the dog lead so have been unable to take Duke for a walk, so feeling very guilty about leaving him at home again whilst we headed off to playgroup, I brought Dukes sister (who happens to live next door) over for a play.

Two hours later we arrive home to find an absolute mess in the back garden.
THE CHICKEN........!!!!!
Our one and only very loved chook was all we had left of the original 4 and she now layed in a feathery mess on the lawn.

I feel so violently ill and don't even know where to begin the clean up. It had me in tears the whole time. And the kids, oh they saw the whole devastating carnage.
Whilst I know this was not Sally's (the dog) fault, she knew no better, I just know it was a kill that was completely in vain. Sally didn't want to eat her but would have only wanted to play, but the poor chook........she never stood a chance.
Oh I  feel so, so guilty for not even thinking of her happily scratching around the yard. Duke and all our chooks have always just lived communally together. They share the same water, sleeping space (they are often found huddled up together) love for exploring the garden and even the same breakfast some days! It has been that way for the past 4 years and so when I thought of putting Sally in our yard for a play, I just didn't - well - I just didn't think.

Sorry dear chook. I hope your time here at number 32 was one of mostly joy and happiness. We loved your company, eggs, fertilising poo and feathery joy you brought to our garden. I will miss you and never forget you. Please rest in peace in a lovingly dug hole in a place you used to call home. I'm so so sorry xx


  1. Oh dear, this is terribly sad. I am so sorry you and the children had to go through that. Those moments are always so sickening. RIP little chooky. And I hope your weekend gets better from here on xo

  2. Oh no Claudia I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your loved chook. It is really sad to loose a chook we have had a few just recently, it always upsets me. I hope everyone is ok and that perhaps one day you'll be able to have some more chooks there that will be equally loved by all of you.

  3. Oh no, how awful for everyone! You are right though unfortunately, dog's are not to blame for this as in the case of our poor rabbit, they just want to "play" and small creatures don't :(

  4. That is a tough day, especially having to face the clean up.

  5. That's quite awful, but don't be too hard on yourself. xx


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