Thursday, November 14, 2013


I'm not sure but I think I've missed a few years somewhere?

Whilst doing my usual morning routine of breakfast for the tribe, coffee, make lunches, nag said tribe to get dressed, stack dishwasher etc, I saw something that made my heart stop for a second.

It was the above image that made me stop in my tracks. I realised that I now have 3 big people in my tribe and not a little one anymore. With Rouge headed of to kindy 2 days this term, I'm having to pack her a lunch just like the older two. Nooooooo......where did those years go? 

I know it's inevitable but it still hit me like a brick wall. Luckily I still have her home for 3 days, but boy what a reality check. 
Savour the time my friends, savour the time.

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