Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christmas is coming.....

With our family tradition of 'handmade gifts' continuing as always this Christmas, we have been keeping mighty busy!

After doing a quick gift tally back in early October, it was quickly discovered that it is going to be a full family hands on affair and we needed to start soon! 
18 children and 10 adults.....and that's just the direct family. Then there's the friends that we've made here and the special ones we've left behind that will be receiving a little something also. 
There's been ideas thrown about, lists created, family brain storm meetings, numerous shopping trips for supplies, sizes guessed and best of all, fun making gift after gift. (After gift, after gift!)

I love Christmas. Those who know me know how much I love a good family celebration involving gifts.....especially when there's one that just may have my name on it! But there's something extra special about Christmas. I love how my kids love getting involved in the gifting as much as the receiving. The smiles that come from just talking about who should receive what and how they will be able to help in the making process. Magical.

So whilst we plod on here with the gift making, I wanted to remind you all while you go along your gift selecting, that Christmas is about the giving and the thought that goes into a present. 
They don't need to be big or expensive. They don't need to all be bought or even made, but they do have to have thought behind them. Think of what the gift is made from, how long it will last? Think of where it's come from and how far it may have travelled? Think of the person who will be receiving your gift and think of their joy.

Think of their smile as they open it. 

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