Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Did I really miss October?

Terrible. Not one single post in October.  Just Terrible.

Cause really, it's not like we had nothing to share for the month. It's not like a million photos weren't taken on our little holiday back to oz, or new family members weren't met for the first time, or even weddings in a magical part of Wellington didn't happen, but somehow all those things (and more) just never quite made it to the blog. 

And now to make matters worse, every time I go to write a post of late, something comes up.

I remember the pile of washing that needs taking care of, I remember the number of Christmas presents that require making or I simply sit and physically can't bring myself to do anything else but stare at the tv for the last hour before my head hits the pillow. 

I know I'm not alone! 

So instead of writing a post, and making up for the lost month, I'll just insert a few pics to help summarise the very fast moving last term we are travelling in and hope to do better next time......

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