Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Abode

Our new abode can be found in Auckland, New Zealand. It is classed as what locals call a 'villa' and is constructed of timber cladding and a tin roof. It's a lovely old house with a lovely old homey feel. Our stuff fitted in and almost everything we brought found a home (despite that small issue of zero drawer space in bedrooms, previously mentioned!) It has the same amount of space, essentially, as we had at home, only here we are about 8km from the city centre compared to about 40km back in Sydney and a fantastic 5km from Pip's work compared to about 25km back home. Yay, we actually get to see him and share dinner all together :)

Now whilst all the above is GREAT, what we are all loving the most about our new abode is the garden! It's awesome! The family that lived here for the last 30 years who we are renting from had 3 boys (older now obviously) so they kept the garden with great grass areas for playing, but they also were huge believers in sustainability and self sufficiency. We are in heaven :)

There is every type of herb mentionable, a huge guava tree, an enormous feijoa tree (yet to actually try one of these, but said to be beautiful straight off the tree). There's bananas, rhubarb, strawberries, blackberries, quince, advocadoes, lemons, limes, apples, and even 2 designated vegie patch areas........HEAVEN!!

As you can see the vegie patch is not quiet in action yet, but watch this space cause we have lots of winter vegie lovers in this house who are itching to get in there. Not too sure what works and doesn't work here, but we'll have fun trying.   Do you like my little garden knome :)

What's your favourite part of your 'abode'? What's your favourite winter veg?

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