Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Get with the lingo!


Today marks 4 weeks that we arrived 'across the ditch'.

Is it too soon to get with the lingo??

Can I stop saying thongs and say jandles?
Can I say togs instead of cosie?
I'm just not sure!

Here's a few more for you.......

biff it  =  throw it out
squab  =  spare mattress
tog top  =  rashie
verge  =  nature strip
skiv  =  disappear
jersey  =  jumper

They are all words that get used almost daily by us and those around us, so they may just creep in?
The one thing that WILL NOT creep in, is how they finish off every sentence with an "ay". It's said at the end of a question, a sentence or just a statement and it drives me crazy. Bib has said it once and was quickly corrected and given strict instructions about picking this up!

I don't know how we'll sound in 2 years or what 'lingo' we'll be picking up only time will tell......in the mean time we loved having a little giggle!!

What words have you picked up along your travels? Have you managed to keep your accent when you've lived away??


  1. haha! i found myself thinking with a NZ accent within a week of being there...scary.

    Definitely try your best to avoid the ay. and i would definitely prefer to sleep on the spare mattress than on a squab, that just sounds a bit gross.

  2. Hello again! (Penny - aka Photographer Mum here) Wow! How awesome to be living in NZ!!
    We have some good kiwi friends who live down the road from us and they always put "ay" at the end of their sentences. Nick has picked it up too, lol!
    We are coming to NZ just after Christmas this year - arriving in Auckland to stay with family for a night or two before exploring the 2 islands. Have you moved over for work?? Sounds like an exciting adventure ahead of you!
    Hope you are all well :)


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