Sunday, February 17, 2013

Drawers for all

The house we've moved into is an older house (they call them Villa's in NZ)  and whilst it's got great bones it does come with some of the older very few power points (none in the main bathroom to be exact) small cupboards, creaky floorboards  etc. We are settling in well and finding homes for most things but it seems that drawers weren't very popular in the old days. So when the rentals say 'built in's' in all rooms, this only means hanging space. Leaving us with a lot of clothes yet to find a home!

Luckily NZ has their own version of Ebay called TradeMe. It's almost exactly the same but for New Zealanders only really. It's very additive I have to say. You name it, it's on there! So of here's where we headed for some drawers. We needed 3 sets. One for Pip, one for Bib and one for myself........

It seems the ones that were painted already were going for between $150 - $250, so never being afraid of a little DIY I though I'd go for a cheaper one and do it up ourselves! Here's Pip's one before (I had already started when I remembered to take a picture!) A quick wash, sand, undercoat and paint......... and look, she's much better :)

Not bad if I do say so myself. Now all I need is 2 more!! Lucky I love a good bidding war :)

Do you love a DIY project? What have you bidded on recently?

1 comment:

  1. NO power points?? how are you getting around that one? The drawers look great. we were only in NZ for 10 days yet i heard a lot about trademe!


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