Monday, November 28, 2011

Meet My Family!

We are an average Sydney suburban based family, living the dream of owning our own home (well the bank really) having a dog, fish, chooks and 3 kids!  Unfortunately this really isn't our dream though.........We aspire to get out of the rat race, be alot more self sufficient, have acres of space around us where the kids can explore, camp, ride their motor bikes and fish all in their own back yard.  I know we will get there one day, but for now we are grateful to settle doing all these things on our 980sqm block instead!!

So who do we have.......

Pip - my husband of 12 years now and an amazing person. He's someone that gets on with everyone, but is shy to jump in there in the first place. He's incredibly hard working (to the point of sacrifice) he cherishes his kids and loves to enjoy a good 'ride' on his motorbike! He's funny, very dry witted and of course tall dark and handsome! If I could use just one word to describe him it would be dedicated.

Bib - Shes our first born girl, and is now 6....where did that time go! She is the nurturer of our kids.....the little mother hubbard! You can almost tell what she's going to be like as an adult already! At school she did a speech on how she wants to be a nurse when she grows up, and I'd say that really sums her up..... .. She's funny, clever and a really good person to have around you.(except when shes having a 'taurus moment'!) She's full of a beautiful energy and I truly believe she's an old sole.

Stooge - He on the other hand, well he has definitely not been here before and therefore feels the need to learn things the hard way every time! He is 4 right now and an ever source of energy!! When he's up he's up to get busy and when he's down he's crashed. He is a very caring boy who loves 'helping others' .....even little bugs he's found stuck on their backs hehe.  He's very self confident and doesn't care at all what people think or say about him  (hence the array of dress ups we wear to school every day......more about that another time!). He's forever thinking and creating and has an energy that outdoes anyone!

Rouge - she's our littlest one who gets smothered by the older two, but has no trouble in standing up for herself. She is VERY strong willed and knows exactly how to get what she wants, when she wants. (usually this involves a very loud scream!) She appears little and innocent, and then she gets going! She has a cheeky little grin that melts everyone she tries it on and looks different to the older 2 (hence 'rouge') so is just so special in her own right.

Me - um, well.....I'm the 2nd of 5 children (first girl born though!) and according to my little sister "am a little bit out there". I'm frugal, thrifty and trying my hardest to raise 3 children who are conscious of others, tread lightly on earth and know the value of self worth. (3 of the best qualities in a person I believe......but more on that later too)
I love good company, music of any kind, good food and a nice wine. I love exploring and getting out and about, spending time with my family. I love all things crafty and I'm the kind of person that sees something and says 'pppfffttt I'm not paying that.....I'll make it myself!" So there is always some sort of building, creating, sewing or general DIY project going on in our house. 
Luckily for me I have a patient husband and eager kids who want to get in and help too.
My favourite sound in the world is children's laughter, my favourite smell is the fangipani  and my favourite flower is the hibiscus.

We have a big lab who is 3 1/2 called Duke, ( I love, Pip hates)  2 chickens (rainbow girl and water boy.....guess whos is who!) and too many fish to count and name (Pip love, I hate!) And that's pretty much it..........until we make it out of the rat race anyway!!

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