Monday, July 29, 2013

2013.... 7 monthly evaluation

So at the beginning of this year I made a few little promises to myself that I wanted to carry through the year.......its time to see how I'm going 7 months in!

slow down......... well, whilst I think this move has been a little manic to say the least, I have consciously made an effort to slow down. Play with the kids more, be outside instead of inside, potter in the garden, spend time just 'hanging' with my little people while they ARE little. I haven't got this one perfect yet, but on my way.....tick!

listen more, talk less............ this is something I have always struggled with. But I'm so aware that now is the time, while my kids are young and wanting to talk and express and share, that I need to be open and listen, not jump in before they've finished or had the chance to solve their own problems. So too with my friends, being an active listener allows me to help them when they need help not when I think they do. Again. not perfect, but really trying.....tick!

try something new........... well, so far I've bungy swinged (the jump was wayyyyy to scary!) trying my hand at yoga and am booked to do a day of cake decorating later in the year....tick!

sew more...........this one I am definitely on track with, and finding the time has been tricky but as I have rediscovered it's here, in my little creative corner, that I am most content! I am able to zone out from the madness and just focus on the process of making something plain and turning into something awesome. I just love it....tick!

adventure more............. yep, our move to NZ has definitely assisted with this one. Nothing like a new country to explore! It's so great to be able to travel around, try new things, visit different places and know that your teaching the kids little lessons along the way. We are loving our adventures, and so are the kids....tick!

read , read, read..........I love to read. As a teenager I have to say I didn't do too much reading, but as I've gotten older I just love it. There always seems to be something I should be doing at the back of my mind, so allowing myself the time to sit, be still and read can take some effort, but so far so good....tick!

get fit...... sadly, this one hasn't really had a look in, but now that the kids are settled and doing well at school, I can focus a little more on the get fit part! Eating more raw foods, riding bikes instead of driving and evening out the energy in/energy out ratio is high on my agenda for the meaning 6 months.  (have a wedding to attend in October too, so nothing like little incentive!)

Overall, I'd say I'm doing pretty well. There of course is always room for improvement, but that's what life is about. Improving, finding balance and learning to love what we have.

How are your self promises going?  Do you need a 7 month evaluation like me?

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