Monday, February 17, 2014


Our darling little Rouge turned four this week.
Oh my the years are flying fast!

We started your day with presents, which is really what the whole day is about when your four! Then it was onto a breakfast of croissants and warm milo (as requested) and then a wonderful time was had by all when you requested a day at the movies!

Some would say this was enough, but not you. Not our Rouge!
Next was cake in the park with a few special cousins then home for your favourite dinner of macaroni cheese and Chinese salad! (who knew they were the favourites?)

We are so so proud of you darling girl. Hope your year of being four is as amazing as you are.
We love you xx


  1. Happy birthday to your gorgeous little girl. It sounds like a good one and four is so much fun! Enjoy it! x


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