Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pomander time

 So you remember those things you used to make at Christmas time at home with your mum that had an orange and a whole pile of cloves......well it turns out there called Pomanders.

*Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive, 365*: November 2010










"Pomander, noun, a ball or perforated container of aromatic substances, placed in a cupboard or room to perfume the air or (formerly) carried as a supposed protection against infection.
A piece of fruit, typically an orange, studded with cloves and hung in a wardrobe"

They are super easy to make and simply make the house smell amazing.

We made ours last week as gifts for the teachers and whilst I intended to get a photo of our finished products, they were whisked off to school before I had a chance! Sorry!

But here's what we did......

1. Tie ribbon around your orange to create quarters. Leaving enough ribbon to create a loop in which to hang.

2. Secure ribbon underneath with a pin so it doesn't slip off.

3. Poke holes in the orange using a skewer (less orange spray gets your eyes then!)

4. Push a whole clove into your hole

You can make them as intricate or simple as you like. We kept our simple, as in I handed the kids a skewer and said Go!

You can make the design as intricate or as simple as you like. We made ours simple (as in I gave them all an orange, a skewer and said go!)

There's definitely a Christmassy smell these 'pomander balls' bring to the house, you should definitely give them a go........think I'll have to make one myself for the house now!






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