Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rarotongan sun

Just the other week we packed up the family, boarded a plane and headed off to find some sun!

Auckland's weather is still new to me. The constant rain, the un-dry washing, the soul sapping coldness that just never seems to end. 8 months in and you would think we would be getting a little used to it. But no. I understand now why so many Kiwis head to Queensland at this time of year!

So what else is there to do than seek out a tropical island and lay on it for a week!
Rarotonga - one of the beautiful islands that make up the Cook islands - is where we headed.

The sun shone, the children swam, the souls were rejuvenated, and the cocktails flowed. What more can you ask for?
Rarotonga is stunning. Its similar to Fiji but has a 'small town' feeling. Its not as touristy as Fiji so things happen a lot slower (I mean lunch can take 1hr to make it to the table) but if you just give in to it and relax, 'island time' can be a nice change.
It's a small island - takes only 40min to drive the whole way around - and their transport system consists of 2 buses. One that travels clockwise, the other anticlockwise! Its great. It feels a little like stepping back in time with its simplicity.
We loved it. Loved it. Loved it.
That's the thing about holidays though, as soon as you get back you need to start planning the next...................
Where's one place you've loved? Where's your next holiday destination?


  1. It looks amazing. I could use some of that tropical sunshine right now! x

  2. Our next holiday destination is New Zealand! Auckland is first off the bat then travelling north to Bay of Islands and back down to explore both islands for 3 weeks. We head off on Boxing Day. Seriously can't wait!


  3. We always had plans to head to Rarotonga when we lived in New Zealand but never seemed to get there.
    Our next adventure is to France for a European winter, to get away from the Australian summer for a little while.
    You all look very relaxed.


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