Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cathartic Culling!


Only when you move do you realise just how much 'stuff'  you have!
This week has seen me doing a LOT of sorting, culling, reorganising and organising. It's crazy! Honestly, how much 'stuff' does one family of 5 need? What to take, what to leave, what to store, what is going to be used in the next 2 years, what's not......too many questions for my little head I say!

Having fun though, who new it could be so cathartic! Room by room I'm making my way through, and all that's left is the kitchen - been putting this one off, just quietly - hoping it doesn't take me ALL day!!!

Have you done a cathartic clean of late? Which room did you save till last??


  1. We are on the move too. And yes it is cathartic chucking it all out. But exhausting too. And really REALLY trying to pare it back to basics. Only a family of 4 but SO...MUCH...STUFF! Will be glad when its done. Determined to only bring into the house the essentials but things (kids toys etc) have a tendency to take over. Oh and books. Finding it VERY hard to part with those

  2. Whoa, i misread your title as 'catholic culling' which i thought was a little extreme, especially at christmastime.

    Yes i love a good cathartic cull! sadly i am not very good at it. i tend to do it all in a flurry when i am procrastinating from doing something else like a job on deadline. then i make big bags of things to go to salvos...and don't take them for up to six months.

    good luck! it's always good to do it before christmas anyway, makes you realise what you have and what you need and how much more you have and don't need!

  3. Congratulations! it feels great doesn't it! I physically feel lighter after culling... enjoy the continued culling :)


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