Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lost socks???

                                                              Where do they go??
                                                               Honestly, Where??

                                                What do you do with your odd socks??


  1. Oh this did make me laugh! Where do they go?! I leave the odd ones at the back of the sock drawer, waiting for their twin to reappear - it rarely does though! :)

    1. we just wear odd pairs. as long as i have mine, frenchy has his and squish has hers, i don't care if they actually match.

      Having said that, here we wear either full winter get up (so socks are not seen as they are inside boots and long pants etc) or thongs/sandals, so no one ever needs to know...

      i have more of an issue with pj tops and bottoms losing each other...weirdly.

      And sorry this is a "reply" not a stand alone was the only option i was given...?

  2. Haha, good to know it's not just our house that has a Bermuda triangle going on when it comes to socks. It's truly baffling xo


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